Uniting strategy and storytelling to help you bring the best new ideas to life.

Welcome to Totem Strategy, a consulting firm based in Boulder, Colorado. We specialize in new business strategy, brand development, and marketing communications. Our work spans a variety of industries, with an emphasis on consumer products, outdoor goods, travel and education. 

Totem’s clients are large and small, early-stage and established, for-profit and non-profit. They all share a commitment to nurturing lifelong customer relationships alongside the well-being of their communities, employees, and environment. 

We live to cultivate new ideas. An ideas is just the seed of opportunity though - Totem focuses on raising the right ones.  With disciplined planning and a collaborative approach we nurture emerging brands, businesses and programs that stand tall. Our projects are guideposts for followers, authentic signals of character, and icons of strength and sustainability that stand the test of time.

These are the totems we build together.